From the recording Get Up and Do It

This is a song of motivation. We all go through periods of time when we get depressed, slack off, get out of the loop, don't work up to our potential, and we see others pass us by. We create obstacles when they're not even there, or neglect a detour that was a better route in the first place. We miss the very opportunities that we would otherwise seek and obtain if the circumstances were different. It's all mind over matter. Don't think-- don't wait---just do it!


Sometimes I dream of what I could be doing
Sometimes I wish that I was living somebody else's life
But now I've seen those parts that i just threw in
It's oh so clear that you can cut with both sides of the knife

Just don't sit and watch it go by
Write the second chapter in your history book
Just one chance and soon you'll know why
Those who pass you by won't get a second look

Get up (Get on up)
Don't you know you gotta do it (Get on up)
Get up (Get on up)
You gotta get through it
Move it baby
Groove it baby
Work it baby
Do it

The pictures that I painted up in my mind
Are nothing till the images come to life
I'm movin', groovin', workin' tryin' to find
THe difference in the fine line between what's wrong and right